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  1. AAI will respect the privacy of the public.
  2. The UAV is remotely controlled.
  3. The UAV does not exceed 35kg.
  4. The UAV will never be flown BVR (beyond visual range).
  5. Control of the UAV will be flown by only one ground control unit.
  6. The UAV will never be flown 400ft AGL (above ground level).
  7. The UAV will only be flown in G class airspace.
  8. The UAV will operate during daylight hours only and in VFR (visual flight rules) conditions only.
  9. Only 1 UAV will be operated by 1 pilot with 1 controller at a time.
  10. The UAV will not have automated control or navigation.
  11. A serviceable fail safe is installed to terminate flight following loss of signal.
  12. The UAV does not carry any payload that disperses products. It is only used for aerial imaging and its only payload is a camera.
  13. Fully insured.